About Fenris Borne

Fenris Borne aims to capture the very best of whats out on the internet about the fiercest chapter of the Space Marines – The Space Wolves.

Here at Fenris Borne we have been gaming, painting and converting Space Wolves for over 25 years and in that time have found the web filled with amazing conversions, painting tutorials, battle reports and tactics.

What we have found is some of these amazing articles are being lost to the warp, for one reason or another and feel its a shame they should be forgotten or consigned to Prospero for all eternity.

Our aim on Fenris Borne along with our own unique content is to record and catalogue articles or blog posts that have fallen off the web.  One such place is the old Space Wolves Blog which was a treasure trove of Space Wolves knowledge which we will try to bring back over time and hos many of the amazing articles its creators once did so they are not forgotten.

It’s early days so please bear with us whilst we build this site and get it right for everyone.



“Follow me Sons of Russ, this night our enemies shall feel the fangs of the wolf!” – Logan Grimnar