Army Showcase: Xander’s Wolves & Army Lists


Hi, I’m Xander and I have recently got into wolves in a big way, and I would like to share a couple of army lists I have been trialling and my army to date.  Its ever expanding and with the release of the 8th edition of 40k I couldn’t resist adding some of the new Primaris marines into the mix.

This list includes some of the new Intercessor squads, although mainly to be used for holding objectives and drawing enemy fire away from Njal and Bjorn.  Here we go for 1500 Points:




Bjorn The Fell Handed with Helfrost cannon – 252 points.
Warlord, trait tenacious warlord gives a second FNP under current ruling making him near impossible to kill.

Njal Stormcaller in Terminator armour – 167 points
He has 2 deny the witch attempts, + 1 to said attempts and you get to re-roll one failed deny the witch a turn. +1 to castings as well.  My plan would always be to Deep strike him near the Wulfen.

2x5 Primaris Intercessor squads – 200 points.
Used for drawing enemy fire and objective holders nothing more, may be used as a shield for Bjorn (at 8 wounds he can’t be targeted unless he’s the nearest enemy)

8 Wulfen – 7 with Hammers and shields, pack leader with frost claws – 468 points.
These guys are just a whirlwind of death near impossible to kill with a 3++ and a 5+ FNP plus they buff other space wolf infantry nearby.

Storm Wolf with 2 twin multi meltas, 2 lascannons and twin helfrost cannon – 353 points
Transport for the Wulfen and anti whatever you point it at. Especially good against Tyranids lists or Imperial Gaurd armour divisions thanks to it’s split fire abilities.

Total points 1440


What you could then do if you were playing up to 2000 points is add the following:

9 Grey hunters – 1 plasma gun, 1 thunder hammer on the pack leader – 159 points.
Again good for sweeping up objectives and laying suppressing fire.

Predator with autocannon and 2 lascannons – 201 points.
Cheap for damage output. 2d3 S7 hits at 2D a piece that’ll shred infantry, multi wound models and vehicles alike.

Iron Priest with Tempest hammer – 115 points.
Keep him behind Bjorn to heal D3 wounds a turn (2 FNP rolls & a battle healer)  He’s  way too strong in my opinion especially as there is no restriction on healing in combat.  I’m sure they will nerf him at some point in the new codex whenever it gets released.

Primaris Liuetenant with master crafted bolt rifle – 74 points.
Point filler more than anything the rerolling 1’s to wound could be useful for the marines? If you dont like the thought of that try swapping him for a unit of 5 wolf scouts with snipers (no cloaks)

Total Points 1989

That’s two army lists I use for most of my games.  With the release so fresh they are still in testing and I’m sure I will make more adjustments as I play more games.  Below is a showcase of my army in it’s current form.

There’s a few units missing but here are some shots of my army with plenty more to come 🙂


  1. Nick

    I’m new to Space Wolves/just starting an army. Why Primaris Intercessors and not just Grey Hunters? Any thoughts on Primaris Inceptors?
    And do you think you might take any number of Thunderwolf Cavalry in the future?

    • Arentius

      Hey hey!

      So I prefer the intercessors as they are a cheap troop option plus they have a longer range and ap on the bolters.

      My standard marines are meat shields for my characters and still have the same number of wounds as a tactical squad.

      I’ve used inceptors but I find they get focussed quickly so you might get a turn of shooting with them then lose the squad.

      Same for the TWC, I only have 3 at the mo and as footsloggers they just get shot to bits even with shields. If I had a larger unit of them (6+) then they’d likely be survivable enough to lay down the hurt

  2. Talon

    Ditch TWC they cost too much once kit them out (I have 7 TWolves + 2 iron priest conversions). Build Ven Dreadnaughts with the Shield/Axe. Won three games with a pair this week. Wulfen are still good

    • Arentius

      Aye I agree Twc are currently just too expensive, though we may see some point drops in line with the space marine codex.

      Bjorn + ven dread with shield and an iron priest is nearly impossible to shift

  3. Nick

    I agree on the venerable dread w/ axe and shield. They are really really good in close combat and are really hard to bring down. I played one last night and I’ll probably start playing a second.

    Has anyone played against Necron before? What’s the best way to deal with horde based strategies with space wolves? And is there any good defense against flayed ones? I’m thinking assault cannons are the best way to go. I have a couple of redemptor dreadnoughts as well that I can throw heavy onslaught cannons on. Though I do think TWC might be good here as well do to their high number of attacks.

    • Arentius

      Wulfen with claws will ruin hordes, failing that reivers with combat blades get a solid 31 attacks a turn plus the heavy bolt pistol shots.

      For flayed ones tempests wrath applies a -1 to hit and again a reiver shock grenade stacks that to -2 (this combo means even abbadon hits on 4+)


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