Army Showcase: C.J Sowers Space Wolves 


By CJ Sower


So, I’m from Boise, Idaho USA. I did live in Edinburgh, UK for a couple years doing postgraduate education. During that time I remember riding past some cool “Warhammer” store that I never went into, and always forgot about.

Fast forward, I’m home, and a good friend in passing conversation mentions this Warhammer 40k, shows me some miniatures, and my ears are instantly up Austin Powers style. I used to paint cars and WWII planes as a kid, and do pinewood derbies. Anyhoo, I jumped in, and it’s been about 4 years now.

I immediately gravitated to the Sons of Russ. I like the no fuss, let’s punch it out, drink it out, wolf it out style. How can you say “no” to Werewolf Vikings … in space?! I have almost every model in the line, their characters are fantastic, and I am a nut about the Wulfen fluff.

My favorite play style is fast, hard, resilient, and in-your-face play.  So I run a lot of jump pack units and wulfen.  Pictured below you will find my wulfen units, probably my favourite units to play for their shear ferocity and reroll’s  I managed to get my hands on some skin wolves from Forgeworld and kit bashed some wolf brothers who has fully succumbed to the curse.

Painting and modelling my Space Wolves Army


I like battle worn, dirty, and weathered when it comes space wolves. They don’t stand back, they wear/ride/are animals. So I didn’t go for bright and precise.

The big thing for me was basing. I have not seen a whole lot of good fenris/snow basing. For mine, I do a mix of sand and small rocks randomly glue to the base (I don’t completely cover the whole base to give better texture). I use various army painter foliage. The secret to good ice and snow is the following: first layer woodland scenics ice effect gel, then add some brushes of the woodland scenic water effects liquid mixed with woodland scenic white pigment. Then add some of the GW frost scheme stuff. Then finish with clumps of the new GW technical snow (it is fantastic). That’s what I use for ice and such.

Also, I use reikland wash on faces, agrax earthshade on the blue armour, and the nuln oil gloss on the metals (looks so good). Regular nuln oil on greys. And I have used a mix of GW and FW transfers for iconography.


Apart from the wulfen I have a fair bit of kit bashing going on, including my own custom Primaris Ragnar Blackmane, and conversions of the blood angels chaplain, geigor fell-hand, and drenn redblade models to be some jump pack characters for my army.

Favourite tactics

My current favorite army so far is what I call the Prowlers of the Frozen Steppe. It consists of Hrothgar Stonemaw (wolf lord with jump pack), Ornulf Frostfang (Wolf Guard Battle Leader with Jump Pack), Halvdan the Sage Spear (Wolf Priest with Jump Pack), 3x wolf guard with jump packs and plasma pistols, 3x skyclaws, and 3x wulfen.

In the previous 7th version I also had some drop pod grey hunters for chaff, and I’ll tell you what getting the wulfen free move on 5+ was B.R.U.T.AL. with 12″ moves and lots of bodies, it was a force that moved fast and hit hard. I had extreme success with it, getting 3rd at the LVO friendly (my first real tournament).

Today however in the 8th edition, the list is still good, although no more grey hunters. Pros: I can deep strike my wolf guard or sky claws to surprise hoards or pop big stuff. It allows re-roll 1s to hit and wound from range, re-roll hits n CC and wounds of 1 in cc. So I can take care of armour, get in the enemy’s face, and bring up the wulfen.

The list has more models than a traditional space wolves army. It can own combat, get there, and is resilient. Plasma and jetpacks are umpteen better in 8th, so I can move and supercharge reliably. Cons: 8th edition brings challenges, the buffs/power of wulfen are very small now relative to 8th. owning cc is actually hard, since now your consolidation is only 3″, enemies can’t be overrun, fly units can leave combat with no penalty (but I can do that too with jump packs). In other words you may get lured and shot to pieces. I have no psychic, no long range.


When it comes to Space Wolf vehicles Im hooked and have lavished a lot of time on these models.  I love the Thunderwolves kit and the wild feral look it brings to any tabletop.  There’s so much inspiration for the standard vehicles out there as well, both on the internet and by Forgeworld/Games Workshop itself.  I have drawn on some of this and really poured in my heart and soul into this army to bring them to life.


8th Edition Codex Space Wolves

For the upcoming codex I’d like to see GW change Logan on stormrider. He is past the 10 wound mark and is not nearly tough enough to handle incoming dakka.

Wulfen need more buffs, they were scary before but in no way were broken. Also, in general for space wolves being so close combat oriented more resiliency buffs, attacks, and re-rolls to stay competitive.

And if GW wants us to use more troops and those tasty shield dreads, we need useful delivery systems, drop pods are meh and dreads have to slog.

I hope you like my army, its being added to constantly and sure to be working on new Primaris characters and troops.  The Space Wolf Reivers look the part and really hope they release a Space Wolves upgrade pack for these with top knots and more feral skulls.

Currently I am redoing my stormrider sled and base, and have two flying dogships that are in progress with some LED lighting. I also have all the fenrisian wolves to finish. AND I am progressing on Leman Russ and his 2 wolves as well in case we can use them soon. As far as another army, I am very intrigued with Ad Mech, and love the dunestriders.


  1. Carl

    Beautiful army dude ! You can really tell you have got passion for the wolves and you’ve done an amazing job of converting and painting your force, fantastic work all round, fenrys hjolda!

    • C.J. Sower

      Thank you kindly! Super grateful for being considered to share it, and glad to see so many hobby heads that rep the sons of Fenris. For the Allfather!

  2. Stephen

    Hey do you by chance go play at Da Mommas Boyz Brawl in Moscow? I think I saw your army at the last one in November. Great looking Wulfen man! I’ll be bringing my Wolves to the next Brawl in March. I took my Blood Ravens Primaris army last time.

    • C.J. Sower

      That was me! Glad you liked them. I do remember your Blood Ravens – yeah I’m doing an RTT in Boise probably this Saturday. Where you located?


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