Lone Wolf Conversion by Rafael Mattick


This article was first published on Rafael Matticks facebook page @ Minimanie and to be fair this has to be one of the best lone wolf conversions I have ever seen.  It was done on a commission and was painted to be part of the 13th company.

Rafael  has won Golds at GD Germany in 2002, 2004 and 2007.

All photographs are from Rafael’s own and some of the tutorial has been translated from German.  This is not a full tutorial and only covers certain steps in the build as he did not specifically make it as a tutorial.

  1. The main miniature is from Forgeworld and is the Legion Champion.  First Rafael removed the bags and purity seals with a modelling knife.
  2. The end result is above.
  3. The back of the miniature is removed with a saw and the latest wolf coat marine back is glued in place as below.
  4. Add wolves bits from the space wolves boxed set like skulls and the bag as pictured below.
  5.  Even more small bags and totems were added for detail.  Being from the 13th company I suppose he would’ve collected a lot over the years.
  6. Then adding parts of the old Space Wolves brass set, the axe head from Harald Deathwolf, a chaos marines metal backpack.  The head is from the Chaos Marauders Horsemen set with the neck sculpted with magic putty, the Bloodthirster head is from the Grey Knight Paladin boxed set

7.  Here he is with his main parts detachable for easier painting.  Rafael used  bits of plastic card were used for some of the detail to make his armour look like it has been patched up over the years.

8.  Assembled and ready for painting.

9.  A few painted WIP shots, there aren’t many as mentioned before this was done on commission so was not made for an actual tutorial.







10. The finished article is in the gallery below.


If you would like to commission Rafael Mattick to paint you some amazing space wolves miniatures that nobody else would ever have then drop him a line on his Facebook at Minimanie