Large Scale Wolf Lord


Everyone who loves pace wolves has seen the amazing wolf lord artwork by Paul Bonner, and like me I bet many of you wondered if Games Workshop would ever release it as a model.  Sadly they never released him and left it to our imaginations to create our own.

Luckily for us a very talented sculptor and painter got together to do an entry for the new famous Crystal Brush painting competition held by once per year.  They have kept this stunning model secret until now and its just been showcased this weekend at the Crystal Brush for judging in the large scale category.

Being large scale, and a custom one off sculpt I doubt very much it will ever be downsized and available for sale, but to be honest who cares??? The model is absolutely stunning and I’m in total awe of these guys.

Joaquin Palacios  sculpted the model and Sergio Calvo Rubio did it justice with this amazing paint job.  I’m sure at some point we will get a bit more detail on how he was sculpted and painted but for now just enjoy the gallery and if you can please vote for the model to win (closes 25/3/17)



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