Magnetising your Space Wolves


This was first featured on Space Wolves Blog written by Wolf Lord Mikal Jern Klaerwhich.  The blog is now lost to the warp so in an effort to retain the information we have republished it here.

I’ve put together this small ‘how to’ on magnetising your minis. I have used the jump pack as a demo but the process is the same no matter the part you’re converting. Sorry about the Raven Guard bits, these are for a friend 🙂 The shoulder pad is for size comparison.
Choosing your magnets
When it comes to choosing what magnets I’m going to use it will always depend on what I’m using them on.
I have three different sizes of magnets. They are always circular disc Neodymium rare earth magnets as I find they give the best results for the size.


Size 1= 1mm x 1mm
These I use for magnetising weapons or very small details. In the Image on the left you will see I used them on the new combi weapon from the SM tactical box. You will also notice they are extremely small and can be quite “fiddly”.
A good thing about these magnets is that you only need to use the small pin vice drill to make the hole.
The down side to using magnets this small is that they aren’t very strong. However if only used on items such as the combi weapon they will work fine. I put two in to make sure.
Size 2 = 2mm (width/diameter) x 1mm (length/depth)
This size of magnet is the one you are most likely to use more of. They are great for ‘sticking’ arms, backpacks/jump packs and small vehicle weapons, such as hunter killers or storm bolters. They are very strong for their size and small enough to fit most applications.
Size 3= 5mm (diameter/ width) x 2mm (length / Depth)

These are what I use on vehicles to mount larger weapons. Above is a picture of my 30k Space Wolves Fire Raptor. I have magnetised all weapon options, even the front, in case they have different weapon options in future books (come on Prospero!)

These are extremely strong, very good at holding pretty much everything you will need them for.
They also fit perfect into a terminators arm socket. You just have to drill it out.
And finally, before we get into the how to, a few safety points. 
These magnets, especially the larger ones, can be quite dangerous to small children if swallowed. They react/ magnetise to metal objects through their intestine and will need to be removed. I know some countries don’t even allow their sale, Such as Aus.
All my magnets come from eBay but most gaming stores and online stores sell them now.
How to apply them
Things you’ll need:
2mm (diameter) x 1mm (depth) Magnets, A model, pin vice, 2mm drill bit and super glue
So to start.

Pilot hole (with the pin vice) and make the hole wider with the 2mm drill bit. This is done to both the jump pack and back of the torso. I always do this above where the jump pack attaches to the back by the ‘nipple’ for want of a better word 🙂 as this will give it more stability once attached by the magnet.
Don’t drill too deep as the magnets won’t connect. If you measure 1mm up your 2mm drill bit and mark with tape around the drill piece this acts as a depth gauge. You don’t need to do this to pin vice as long as you don’t drill all the way through the mini 🙂
Add a small amount of glue into the hole and insert your magnet.
Stick the second magnet to the one in the mini and mark the back of it with a marker pen. This is so you know which end to put into the back pack/ jump pack and will ensure correct polarity.
Insert your magnet, marker side in, allow the glue to dry and…..
I think I will leave it there for the first one. I hope some of you were able to take something away from this and if anyone has any questions or requests for converting tutorials or are having problems with anything to do with converting or modelling leave a comment below and I will see what I can do. If I’m unsure I will endeavour to find out.
Wolf Lord Mikal Jern Klaer